Work With Me

Work with me if you need someone who can write and develop content, manage complex projects, understand end users' needs and meet organizational goals.



My first goal is to understand the needs of the business.

What do employees have to do differently to accomplish those needs? What are the objectives and how is eLearning part of the solution?


Next, I work with your teams to determine how your learners think and work on the job.

I look at what they're doing right and where the mistakes are being made. I listen to what works for them, in terms of content and delivery. I find out what their expectations are and what motivates them.


With that foundation, I work to build a successful user experience in an interactive training environment.

Now it's time to develop the content, the activities, the media and the delivery method. This is where all of the elements work toward creating a relevant, engaging and easy-to-navigate solution for your teams.

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How do we move forward?

Tell me more about your organization's needs.
I'm a pro at working the big picture and managing the smallest details.


I love to collaborate with my customers' teams, and I am thrilled when I hear them say:

  • "Your knowledge about how individuals learn was very insightful and helped us develop our training approach."
  • "Having tailored scenarios to our industry with the creative game approach helped to keep our learners engaged; it was fun and rewarding."
  • "I can see why we keep coming back to you. You really complemented our team. I thank you for everything you have done for us."
  • "We were on time, on budget, and it has made significant impacts."
  • "Cheryl understands how learners learn."
  • "Cheryl's product resulted in a high-quality production that not only showed the company's capabilities but captured the soul of our company, its people and their love for their mission."
  • "The final product exceeded our expectations in every regard and has been a great success."
  • "Cheryl challenges the norm and brings new approaches to training."
  • "She approaches her work as a true professional, maintaining a high level of quality while consistently meeting tight deadlines during a hectic ERP implementation."

Cheryl Coleman - eLearning Consultant, Captivate Developer, WalkMe Developer, Writer, Multimedia Producer