Developing eLearning doesn't have a one-size-fits-all approach. Depending on the content, context, audience and delivery—every project has different requirements.

  Needs analysis
    ... I know how to listen, I have "fresh eyes" and can objectively view the situation
  Interviewing employees, subject matter experts and key stakeholders
    ... I can put myself in their shoes.
  Writing and storyboarding
    ... I can turn a data dump into relevant and effective content
  Adobe Captivate development
    ... art and science collide here
WalkMe development
  ... Providing learners with on-screen guidance at the moment of need
  HTML and Flash development
    ... where the techies come out to play
  Creating graphics, video and animations
    ... don't just tell me, show me
  Integrating professional voice narration
    ... that guy in accounting might have a nice voice, but trust me, you want a pro here
  Working with professional on-camera actors and models
    ... they can deliver a line and look good doing it
  Producing and editing video
    ... movie magic gets noticed
  Job aids and performance support
    ... sometimes people need to hold a document in their hands
  LMS/CMS uploads
    ... for successful training and communication, it's part of the process
  Adobe Captivate classroom training for in-house teams
    ... I can help your internal teams grow
  Working with remote personnel
    ... I have the project management experience to make it run smoothly


To give you an idea, I've developed:

Captivate courses for multiple ERP implementations (PeopleSoft, Kronos, OBI, Hyperion), serving tens of thousands of global employees
Scenario-based interactive courses where learners have the opportunity to see it, learn it and do it
Media-rich HTML and Flash projects where learners dive into multiple activities, games and knowledge checks throughout their journey
Responsive sites (desktop, tablet, smart phone) that ensure customers and employees have access to resources at the time of need
Live action video where sales professionals get to experience successful (and unsuccessful) behavior modeled for them
Interactive employee orientation projects based on repurposed content
Live action video for consumer training and product support

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Cheryl Coleman - eLearning Consultant, Captivate Developer, WalkMe Developer, Writer, Multimedia Producer